The token that rewards you for Credibility, Authority, Recognition, and Engagement across the Flag Media network!

Flag Token
Flag Token

Token Details

Token Name: FLAG

Blockchain: Polygon Matic | ERC-20 Compatible

Total Supply: 37,000,000 FLAG

Decimals: 10

Contract: 0x9dbad35e5ff07bdc1ed5cf37bc30f7439996df63

Token Utilization



We will use the token for rewards, upgrades, advertising, and placement fees through the entire Flag Media network.



The token will be used as part of Flag's involvement in digital world strategies and marketing, including the Metaverse.



With only 37 million tokens minted, the market value of the token will be a strong driver of token activity.

Flag Token

Token Background

Flag Media

The FLAG Token was developed to support the Flag Media network of publications. 

FLAG Tokens will also be earned by our users through the upcoming rewards program. As part of this program, users can earn tokens for actions such as referring clients for placements, buying a certain amount of placements, among other activities. This reward program not only sets us apart from other sites but will help increase the utilization and value of the tokens.

To support the value and stability of the FLAG Tokens, Flag Media has initially valued the tokens at US$1.00 on Through the token presale site, users can acquire tokens through an exchange of USDC stable coins. The price on the site will be adjusted regularly to reflect the current trading value on the exchanges. However, as part of our effort to support the value, we intend to have a floor value on the site of US$1.00 per token.


We are dedicated to creating a custom cryptocurrency that represents value within the Flag Media platform, and on the open crypto market. As a result, Flag Media has created the FLAG Token, a Polygon Matic-based (ERC20-compatible) token that will allow our users to benefit financially simply by utilizing these tokens.


We’ve established numerous use cases for our newly minted token. The FLAG Token will be accepted as payment for article placements and planned exposure across our 20 publication sites. In addition to payment for placements, we are planning to offer exclusive reputation management tools that clients wouldn’t be able to get without FLAG Tokens. In addition, we are planning an NFT token program. We believe this sets us apart from many tokens available today as we provide a highly-valued, direct outlet for token use.


FLAG Token was developed on the Polygon Matic blockchain. We chose Polygon because it is compatible with Ethereum ERC-20 protocols, which are secure, scalable, and very well respected.

Polygon is a protocol rather than a singular solution. This is why the Polygon SDK, which lets developers design Ethereum-compatible networks, is one of the ecosystem's key services.


You may have heard of the Polygon Network, a proof-of-stake sidechain and one of the Polygon ecosystem's first live products. A sidechain is a chain that runs parallel to another blockchain and is linked to it.

Sidechains can provide several advantages, the most notable of which are greater transaction throughput and cheap fees. FLAG is built on a polygon network on an ERC20 token to bring more value to its users more reliably and efficiently.


The Executive Team

The Flag Token team has a strong representation of operations, administrative, marketing and technology professionals, helping to build and grow the business and token value.

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Mike Magolnick

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Founder and CEO

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Troy Dooly

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Board of Directors


Andrea Beck

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Board of Directors